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DNP CX-D80 證卡打印機 (DNP Card Printer)


DNP CX D80 Maintenance & Repair

DNP CX D80 Ribbon & Cleaning Kit

DNP CX-D80 為日本著名印刷商Nippon 推出的最新一代證卡打印機

DNP Card Printer CX-D80使用最新的(Re-Transfer)熱昇華打印技術,印刷質素猶如印刷廠打印品質。

品質-DNP CX-D80 使用熱昇華打印,最完美之燙印技術。 消除過往各大品牌直接熱轉移的問題。

將印刷內容,顏色最完整地轉印在保護膜上,再轉印在材質卡片上 。

速度-DNP CX-D80 每小能打印 100 張彩色卡。

功能-DNP CX-D80 printer 可選購:磁條模組(高抗/低抗),接觸式晶片錄碼模組,非接觸式錄碼模組,

彎曲校正模組,雷射護膜模組(CL-600)等模組,其中由打防偽鐳射打印技術由為突出 。


  • UV Security
  • Magnetic Card 磁軌編碼器,ISO 7811 / JIS2
  • SIM Card 晶片接觸站,ISO 7816
  • Mi-Face Card非接觸式晶片卡編碼器
  • 3M Card Sticker
  • Standard PVC Card


  • 包送貨
  • 包安裝
  • 包培訓
  • 包送原廠維修運費
  • 包印刷員工證軟體 (1台PC: CardPresso XXS Version)


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1.          顏色鮮明

2.          無白邊卡打印

3.          無凹凸虛位

4.          印卡厚度0.28-1mm

5.          紫外線UV 加強安全檢查。

6.          免費設計軟件

7.          可另加保護膜

8.          可另加鐳射效果 



HS Series 600DPI 可印刷0.01mm 超乎肉眼看到的線條



UV 紫外線隠型保安印刷

● DNP CX-D80 Spec Download

 點擊下載 DNP CX-D80 Spec


DNP Ribbon YMCKO & Film

DNP, known as the world famous dye sublimaion ink ribbon manufacturer, has developped the ink ribbon for DNP CX-series card printer. Unique, and lateral card-conveyor system makes the ink ribbon's capacity largest in its class. In addition, RFID tag installed in the ribbon enables you to check the status such as ribbon type and remaining amount on Status Monitor at sight.

Product name Printer Product no. Number of images per set/roll
YMCK Ink Ribbon set D80/330 CY-340A-DN 1,000 images/set
YMCKK Ink Ribbon roll D80/330 CY-35K-75D 750 cards/roll
YMCKPo Ink Ribbon set D80/330 CY-P35A-DN 750 images/set
YMCKUv Ink Ribbon roll D80/330 CY-35U-75D 750 images/roll
Re-Transfer Film D80/330 CY-3RA-100 1,000 images/roll


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is a world leading manufacturer of security products.
With its longstanding experience and cutting-edge technologies of holograms, DNP provides innovative solutions for high security applications such as authentication of financial documents, identification documents and high-end brand products.


A series of pictures created by recording multiple two-dimensional images captured from different angles using a video camera moved past the front of the target or an image set synthesized via computer graphics is combined into a single hologram.

Lippmann holographic stereograms can be produced by two methods. One is a one-step technique in which the image synthesized from the original pictures is recorded directly as lines or dots at a scale of a few hundreds of microns; the other is a two-step technique in which the original pictures are first recorded onto a hologram master to create an intermediate master.


Superior anti-counterfeiting performance

The production of a Lippmann holographic stereogram requires photo-sensitive materials difficult to obtain and sophisticated reproduction technologies. The capacity of this stereogram technology to express unique images results in remarkable anti-counterfeiting performance. The inclusion of moving images allows highly effective counterfeit detection.


The technology permits the recording of moving images

This stereogram technology allows over 100 image frames to be multiplexed onto a single hologram, enabling the recording of moving content, such as animation.

Various objects can be selected for the hologram image

Since the holographic stereogram is created from digital moving picture data (created by computer graphics or captured by video cameras), various effects can be achieved using captured images of people or objects and CG animation.


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